Acoustic Pods

Acoustic Meeting Pods

Acoustic Pods can provide a quiet space in open plan office areas.

Office meeting pods are flexible to allow reconfiguration within your office space. Optional add-on’s provide office pods with integrated lighting, power and data points to help facilitate implementation of working acoustic booths or conversion to meeting room pods. Our office pod ranges feature soundproof pods, work walls, offices built from acoustic panels and personal acoustic cubicles ideal for students or quiet study library areas. These meeting pods can provide sometimes much-needed noise controlled areas for private talks.

Sound Controlled & Soundproof Pods

Sound controlled pods can be used in foyer areas for private meetings or sound proofed working (sound controlled working). If you like what you see and read, speak to us today and we’ll help you get these workspaces installed.

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  • Demountable Acoustic Pod

    Demountable Acoustic Pods

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  • Sale! Haskell Acoustic Booth for Offices

    Acoustic Booths

  • Sale! solo acoustic pod in office

    Solo Acoustic Pod Mid Height

    From £5,277.00
  • Vaccination Room with Privacy Curtain

    Vaccination Room

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  • Vitual Consultation Room for NHS

    Consultation Pod

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  • Office Pods with Seating

    Office Pods

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  • Pharmacy Consultation Rooms

    Pharmacy Consultation Rooms

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  • Sale! 1 Person Acoustic Booth in blue and grey

    1 Person Acoustic Booth

    From £6,465.00
  • Sale! Meziane Acoustic seating Booth

    Office Booth

  • Sale! Skype Pod in red

    Skype Pod

  • Meeting Pod

    Meeting Pods

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  • Sale! 2 Person Pods with seating and table

    2 Person Pods

    From £7,324.00
  • Sale! Duo Acoustic Pod Open Pod High

    Duo Acoustic Pods

    From £8,644.00
  • Meeting Space for open plan office

    Office Pod

    From £9,233.00
  • meeting space for office

    Quad Acoustic Pod

    From £10,030.00
  • Acoustic Meeting Rooms

    Acoustic Meeting Pods

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  • Acoustic Booth with Integrated Technology

    Acoustic Booths for Meetings

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  • Acoustic Pods for Schools

    Acoustic Pods for Schools

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  • Circular Acoustic Pod with ceiling

    Circular Acoustic Pod

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  • screen pods

    Screen Pods

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  • Office Meeting Pods for Presentations

    Office Meeting Pods

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  • Acoustic Meeting Booths

    Acoustic Meeting Booths

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  • Acoustic Pods for Meetings

    Acoustic Pods for Meetings

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  • Acoustic Pods for Private Working

    Acoustic Pods for Private Working

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  • Acoustic Sales Pods

    Acoustic Sale Pods

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  • private working space

    Acoustic Hubs

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  • Duo Acoustic Pod Tall

    Acoustic Work Pods

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  • Sound Proof Pods for Printers and Machines

    Noise Control in Offices

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  • Acoustic Baffles

    Acoustic Baffles

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  • Acoustic Wall Panels and Acoustic Screens

    Sound Absorbing Wall Mounted Acoustic Panels

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