Back Care Chairs

Back care chairs for the office are designed to help alleviate chronic back pain. Sitting incorrectly for long periods of time can lead to serious posture and back pain. office work life is dominated by working at computer screens for extended periods which the human body is not keen on. We naturally like to move about so being in a fixed position can lead to these postural issues. Back pain is one of the biggest reasons for staff absenteeism, and it can be debilitating. According to the Health & Safety Executive, businesses lose some 4.9 million working days due to work related back pain every year with each affected employee taking an average of 19 days off work. There are several things that the office worker can do to improve their workspace setup. The position of the monitor, mouse and keyboard can be adjusted to the optimised ideal, but it is most essential that the correct office chair is used and that this is setup correctly for everyone that uses it. Our It is a legal requirement for an employer to provide office chairs that meet minimum standards but often these bare minimum requirements are insufficient to provide the most suitable chair.

At Solutions 4 Office we manufacture and provide a wide range of specialist back care and ergonomic chairs that can alleviate back problems particularly linked to sitting at your desk for extended periods. A great example of best bad back chairs is our Back-Care Chair range. This chair style has been developed here in the UK and created together with the expertise of an industry leading osteopath.

Our specialist back care seating ranges are designed to provide comfort and fully adjustable support for chronic back-pain sufferers. We manufacturer chairs to individuals needs featuring full adjustment and variable components including memory foam, coccyx cut-away, airbag seats, pump-up lumbar and thoracic adjustments. Our orthopaedic chairs can be used with our Electric Height Adjustable Desks. Back care chairs can really make a difference for the individual with back pain related issues and improve productivity and staff retention for the company.


With a choice of fabric colours and types our physio chairs and pelvic support chairs combine support, comfort and full adjustment.

We would be happy to help provide expert advice for purchasing the best ergonomic chairs, desks and workplace accessories – please contact us 0203 551 6957 to discuss.

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