Soft Seating

Soft seating, breakout and lounge furniture create inspirational office spaces. Our attractive sofas and soft seating play an important role in the modern office. This is particularly noticeable when used in reception and break out areas.
Employees can benefit from soft seating areas that enable them to move from intense working at their traditional desk spaces. These oasis areas are a more relaxed area to meet, interact and work with colleagues. A truly communal environment can be achieved using soft seating, modular seating and designer seating.

Traditionally, this type seating has also been an important feature of reception areas to allow visitors to wait comfortably for meetings. The quality of the soft seating in this space reflects on your business, so it needs careful consideration. Our relaxed seating can be made in a large variety of finishes to enhance your reception and visitor waiting space. The soft nature of the units is also helpful in absorbing noise waves and eliminating reverberation, which will improve acoustics. This is especially important in big reception spaces. The large surface area of reception sofas provides greater absorbance.
It’s worth spending a higher budget on the sofas within reception as this is the first contact a potential client may have with your company and image is all important. Don’t buy those cheap reception chairs that undermine the image that you wish to portray. A good office furniture company will advise you on the most suitable choices to enhance your office environment.

Our wide range of attractive sofas and lounge chairs is designed for inspirational offices. We create stimulating work-spaces for your staff to enjoy. Think of soft seating as a place where staff can spend time relaxing doing temporary tasks, having informal meetings or checking emails. They allow for multi-purpose areas, where lots of people can achieve different things.
Get our advice on the most suitable options and it means you get the biggest benefit. We will help you choose the best solution for your office. You should also consider the use of our coffee tables low tables to enhance the area.

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