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Pharmacy Consultation Rooms

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Pharmacy Consultation Rooms easy to install – no building works needed

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    Our Pharmacy Consultation Rooms are designed to support the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) by providing quiet rooms for private discussions with customers.

    The CPCS was established to provide more convenient treatment that is closer to patients’ homes. This is to help alleviate the pressures on GP surgeries and to provide a local facility to support the community.

    Benefits of our Consultation Rooms

    Our Pharmacy Consultation Rooms are free standing and completely independent from the fabric of the building, therefore they are quick to deploy into an existing Pharmacy. They do not require planning permissions or Building Control consultation. Acoustically controlled, the consulting pods conform with the Government patient privacy guidelines. The walls are made from a choice of materials that best suits the particular project. These include fabric, mfc, wood or laminate. Therefore the pods are able to blend with existing decor schemes in the Pharmacy. In addition, the rooms are easily moved or relocated since they are completely demountable.

    The size of the consulting rooms can be varied to meet individual needs but need to be of sufficiency size to allow for the patient and Pharmacist to sit in comfortably and comply with DDA requirements.

    Easily add further power, data or computer terminal mounts. Our rooms include an acoustic ceiling and LED lighting. In addition, an air exchange unit maintains the air quality. All powered from a standard 13-amp plug. The control is via a passive infrared sensor (PIR). Therefore the power only runs when you need it.

    We manufacture, deliver and install the treatment pods. Importantly, there is no disrupting building work. Typically the installation of a standard CPCS consultation room takes just half a day and can be done outside of usual working hours so there is no disruption to your business.


    • A huge range of colours is available
    • Made to various sizes
    • includes LED lighting
    • air circulation unit included
    • includes full PIR controls
    • NO Building Regulations required
    • NO Planning Permission needed
    • Complete flexibility since the pods are fully demountable to aid reconfiguration and repositioning

    Add-on’s include

    • sink with connectors for water supply
    • fire suppression
    • integration with existing sprinkler systems

    In addition, we offer a a complete range of meeting tables for use within our rooms.


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