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Office storage solutions and storage units are an incredibly important piece of furniture used in the modern executive office.

Practical and aesthetic office storage units are essential to make any office function as a rewarding place for staff to work. Most untidy offices are created by a poor design and use of floor space and a lack of suitable storage cabinets deployed within that environment.

Our office storage layout designs help make it easy for staff to store items locally and centrally. We provide storage audits to help clients understand their storage restrictions and how a positive review can help develop a best practice which can free up floor space and change antiquated storage processes. Often this improves the efficiency of the organisation.

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  • Quick Tambour Cupboards

    Tambour Cupboards

    From £420.00
  • lockers for hot desks

    Cube Lockers

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  • Navert Tambour

    Budget Tambour Office Cupboards

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  • Armand Storage Units shown with hinged doors

    Armand Office Storage

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  • Storage Wall room divider

    Storage Wall

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  • Sale! Credenza Storage Unit with Sliding Door

    Credenza Storage Unit

    From £590.00
  • Multi Compartment Lockers

    Multi-Compartment Lockers

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  • Tambour Storage Units

    Tambour Storage Cupboards

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  • Agile Working Lockers

    Agile Working Lockers

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  • Novus Storage Modular Units

    Modular Office Storage

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  • Storage Wall Solutions

    Office Storage Wall

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  • LOT3RDSBL 001

    Suspension Filing Cabinets

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  • Office Shelving for Ring Binders

    Office Shelving

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  • Multi Purpose Shelving Main View

    Multipurpose Shelving

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  • Economical Racking

    Tubular Frame Shelving

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  • Metal Pedestal 3 Draw

    Metal Pedestals

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  • Melamine Pedestal

    Melamine Pedestals

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  • Sale! 2 drawer Underdesk Pedestal in Amber Walnut

    Underdesk Pedestal Drawers

    From £302.00