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We provide IT moves for UK companies. We understand that your IT and telecommunications systems are vital to your working day, so our experts will work with your internal department or appointed contractor to ensure a seamless move and to minimise any disruption and potential downtime of your business.

Our experts begin this process by compiling specific IT information relating to your company and user needs. Our IT Relocation experts will plan the phasing of the de-commissioning and re-connection of your IT and telecoms equipment in line with your departmental and business needs.
A labelling system will ensure that all items are identified so our IT Move team can relocate these items swiftly and efficiently to the new location.

PC Screen Move

The service includes the provision of all packing equipment and dedicated IT moving crates which are closed with tamper proof seals. The PC and monitor will be protected during the move by anti-static wrapping materials or covers.

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Professional IT Move Service

IT de-commissioning is common to most of our business relocations and our specialist IT Team can phase the disconnection and reconnection of your vital desk top computer and telecommunications equipment to coincide with office furniture installations and other relevant site works with a focus on minimal downtime.

Computer Moves

We provide full re-commissioning at the new location with our team checking the positioning of the PC relating to the space plan and reconnect the PC to the network and peripherals.

IT Moves
IT Moves are pivotal to the success of your business move. Our office relocation specialists can help with London IT moves and IT moves across the South East. Our IT moves team will patch in the network cable to the appropriate desk, floor or wall socket, following our agreed patching plan. Our specialists can switch on the machines, log in using a guest ID and check connectivity to the network to ensure your employees are connected on their first day in their new location.

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