Sit Stand Desks

Electric Height Adjustable Desks for UK Offices

Sit Stand desks are electric height adjustable desks that have push button controls to simply adjust the working desk height. This means they adjust from a sitting height to a standing desk height within a few seconds.

The ease of desk height adjustment encourages staff to frequently change from a seated working to a standing work position, providing short and long term benefits to their body. These height adjustable desks achieve an ergonomic working position which can alleviate back aches and pains.

There are huge benefits of sit stand desks vs. traditional desks. For example, height changeable desks are beneficial in office environments. They allow staff to regularly change from seated working to a stand up desk position which helps with circulation and posture, as well as improving concentration. Also, the electric height adjustment desk frame is simple to adjust as it is controlled by a convenient switch on the side of the desk top.

Find out more about our electric height adjustable desks from our ranges below. Check the benefits on our animation showing the benefits

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