How to quickly and easily create a consultation room in your pharmacy

Over the past few months we’ve been adding various furniture products to our workplace catalogue. As you’d expect, the majority of products support social distancing in the workplace; hands-free sanitizers, perspex screens for front of house areas and wipeable desk dividers. Our recent addition to the COVID19 suite of products are consultation room or ‘pods’ which provides a quiet space for private discussions between healthcare providers and patients in a pharmacy/retail environment.

Vaccination Room with Privacy Curtain
Vaccination Room with Privacy Curtain

Who might use a pharmacy consultation room?

Pharmacy Retail

Our virtual consultation room supports the roll-out of digital healthcare in the community. Pharmacy outlets can deploy them onto the shop floor allowing more appointments to take place to reduce waiting periods and help eliminate those missed appointments that cause frustrations and are costly.

GP virtual appointments save time and resources for everyone involved and are far more efficient than the traditional visit to the GP surgery – especially for those citizens less able to travel far. Deployment of consultation rooms into familiar retail establishments give patients confidence in using them and saves them having to travel to GP surgeries.

Large organisations

Post-COVID19, companies will want to safeguard their employees and offer flu-jabs and complementary health perks as part of their package. Or they might want to improve their onsite first aid provision. Consultation rooms serves this purpose – a dedicated and private room.

Key benefits of a consultation room

  1. They are designed to support the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) by providing quiet rooms for private discussions with customers.
  2. Typically the installation of a standard consultation room takes just half a day and can be done outside of usual working hours so there is no disruption to your business.
  3. They are quick to deploy into any building. There is no need for time consuming planning permissions, surveys or building control authorisation.
  4. Our rooms are completely de-mountable so they can be relocated within a building or even moved to other premises. This makes the investment very cost effective compared with traditionally built rooms.
  5. All pods are fully customisable depending on your requirement: acoustic ceiling, LED lighting, data and TV/Monitor mounts, power, passive infrared sensor (PIR) controls all lighting and air circulation.
Private Booth in Pharmacy

If you’re interested in deploying consultation rooms in your pharmacy / retail environment, give us a call and let’s see how the Solutions 4 Office team can help. You can contact us us via the website or email [email protected]

We have invested in the design and production of demountable consultation pods and health provision pods to support the localised supply of health services. We look forward to working with retailers to supply and install secure, private spaces that facilitate digital health for their customers. Our freestanding pods can be installed promptly without the need for any alteration to the fabric of the building saving time and money.

Richard Thomson, Managing Director at Solutions 4 Office

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