Meeting tables; how big should they be?

A typical question we get asked regularly: ‘what size are the meeting tables shown on your website?’ Good news for our clients; we can manufacture office tables to *almost* any size. As with any interior design project, we recommend a table that fits and complements the space in which it will be used. There are some technical guidelines and proportions pertaining to how much space employees are entitled to at work (Regulation 10 of the Workplace, (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992) but we recommend dropping us a note if you’re unsure about anything.
Round Meeting Table
We’ve worked in so many office environments that we can usually recommend appropriate office space solutions and tables that will suit all needs. Normally we ask clients to send us a few photos of the room along with some dimensions so we can draw a floorplan and showcase the best table shape and size – simple.
Meeting Room Table
The tables we have on the shop can be sourced or manufactured in most colours to match your brand and/or colour preference and the leg frame can be tailored too.
Glass Boardroom Table
When looking for a new office table, we recommend thinking about the following points as the answers will undoubtedly help steer your buying decision.
  1. How many people should your meeting table accommodate?
  2. Does it need connectivity?
  3. Will the table be based in an open space or room?
  4. Do your colleagues prefer sit-down meetings, or will you require a SitStand table?
  5. What shape table would you like? Rectangle, circular, square, open “polo” round?
  6. How quickly would you like the table? The faster you need it then the less options may be available. If you plan ahead then “the world is your oyster”
Large Table for Boardroom
No question is a silly question when it comes to office furniture, so why not drop us an enquiry to discuss your office furniture. Contact us today.
Connectivity for Meeting Tables
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