Benefits of SitStand desks Vs Traditional

A SitStand desk is one that allows a worker to alternate between sitting and standing by being able to lower or raise the desk platform, usually by an electric motor. 

In the majority of ‘workplace wellness’ topic articles, you’d expect to read about the associated productivity and creativity gains by having a fit-for-purpose office environment. This got us thinking about the delayed uptake of SitStand desks and why we, Solutions 4 Office, are encouraging more companies to invest in office furniture that a) lasts for a long time and b) helps it’s user carry out their job function to the best of their ability. 

Whether you’re a sedentary office worker or not, if you had the choice, 9/10 of us would opt to have a SitStand desk vs your existing desk setup. Below are a few, but quality, benefits to qualify why a SitStand desk is an invaluable asset to any office:

  1. Long hours of sitting are linked with a higher risk of health problems including obesity and diabetes
  2. Our bodies are not engineered to be sat in a static position all day
  3. Standing can boost energy and improve mood levels

Personnel Today shares further insights following a report that found giving height-adjustable workstations to staff, alongside various educational tools on the benefits of standing at work, resulted in employees feeling more productive and engaged and reduced levels of presenteeism, anxiety, fatigue and back pain. 

By providing your workforce with as many tools as possible to carry out their work duties, you only serve to empower colleagues for the better. Whether it’s updating your employee handbook to incorporate improved perks (such as flexible working hours) or providing designated areas of the office for ‘quiet reading’ or kitted-out meeting rooms that allow seamless teleconferencing  – all of these are beneficial to your workforce. Providing options in workspaces, such as a SitStand desk, would be appreciated by a workforce. 

What are the cons? Are there any?

There are next to zero disadvantages of a SitStand desk to its user. It can be argued that ‘active furniture’ is a distraction but the benefits to health and productivity contests that point of view. 

There is a cost implication to an employer but as with any outlay of expenditure regarding HR and Personnel, their is usually a sound case for investment.  

Process of buying a SitStand desk from Solutions 4 Office:

When we talk to clients, we describe the benefits of having a dynamic desk that can allow for working whilst sitting and whilst standing. A SitStand desk is very simple, it’s the same as a normal desk but has a clever leg arrangement that carries a small discreet motor (or 2 motors for most of ours as 2 is better that 1!). You press a button and the leg riser moves up raising the desk height. Press the down button and return to a seated position. The frame has a simple single plug that plugs into a standard electrical socket and this powers the desk. Our desks are quiet and very efficient.

We can re-use almost all existing desk tops to save the client having to spend money on a new top. Ours frames will adjust from a low position (lower than a standard desk) up to a high level to allow even very tall users to stand and work comfortably. If you are over 6ft 6” we would offer a frame that can rise slightly higher, but we can check that we you.

As one of the biggest providers of SitStand desks in the UK we do carry stocks of most of our frames and can normally deliver and install within 5-7 days from order or even faster depending on whether a new top is required.

Director Richard Thomson: We almost always deliver and install the SitStand desks for clients. We have huge experience and can install rapidly and show you how to use the buttons (…really simple ;-))

The only measurement that we need from the client is how wide the desk top should be. Normally the desks have rectangle shaped tops from width 2000mm, 1800mm, 1600mm (most popular), w1400mm or w1200mm. However, we can make desks with shaped tops as well.

And look! Our video from way back in 2014 is still relevant today:


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