Why might you need a breakout area?

Typically, break-out furniture enhances the function of the area in which it is situated – staff rooms, rest areas and canteen places. Furniture pieces are designed to allow employees to socialise and relax; to ‘breakout’ from their job.

Stylist high-backed soft seating chairs for the office | Breakout furniture ideas from Solutions 4 Office
High-backed soft seating creates a private and informal meeting space

With companies providing higher levels of comfort for their employees, and the rise of the remote worker – breakout furniture is no longer restricted to the canteen area! It can be found throughout commercial office spaces – this creates a better serviced area of the office and increases the usability of the room or area of the office floor.

Break-out furniture allows meetings to take place and serves to increase efficiency of your office floorspace. Take a look at our key furniture pieces online – we have included a large selection of break out furniture and break-out seating to suit a wide range of commercial spaces.

Typical enquiries from customers which might be useful if you’re considering investing in breakout furniture include:

  • I want to provide staff with an area they can escape to, so they can read and study in piece
  • We have plenty of group desking but no smaller areas to work from
  • At peak times, our office becomes hectic and desk space a premium – could our canteen be better utilised?

Acoustic Pods

Acoustic Pods are an incredibly versatile office essential. They provide flexible breakout space within an open-plan office and allows for easy (and affordable) reconfiguration.

Acoustic Pods viewed from above | Solutions 4 Office

Soft Seating

We provide a variety of soft seating office furniture designed for breakout areas in the commercial workplace. Whether you want to comfortably accommodate your visitors in reception or to provide stylish breakout furniture for staff meetings, Solutions 4 Office can support your vision.

Example office furniture configuration to demonstrate use of breakout furniture | Solutions 4 Office
Modular soft seating layout

Investment into quality office furniture can support team productivity as well as your recruitment and retention efforts. Don’t compromise, give Solutions 4 Office a call today or drop us an email.

Soft seating ideas from Solutions 4 Office
Stylish and sleek – your office furniture should make a statement about your company

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