5 ways to manage your team whilst social distancing

The Covid19 pandemic has thrust many team leaders and managers into a position where they’re managing teams virtually. Some might be doing this for the first time so it brings with it a new set of challenges to overcome – and it’s important that managers remove any barriers to their team carrying out their work effectively. Below are 5 tips we’ve scoured from the internet to manage a team effectively whilst social distancing in the office.

Five ways to manage a virtual team

  1. Above all, be kind (managers.org.uk)
  2. Establish a new rhythm & make new traditions (Deloitte)
  3. Schedule regular meetings
  4. Establish multiple communication tools (entrepreneur.com)
  5. Update even if there’s no update (hbr.org)

How to manage a team whilst social distancing in the office from Gartner

  1. Implement a no-visitor policy
  2. Flexible work hours or rotational shifts
  3. Revisit and revise seating arrangements (we can easily do this for you using your existing office floorplan)
  4. Insert partitions to raise cubicle wall heights (view desk dividers here)

If you’re thinking about returning to work, we offer some practical advice to support your back to work plan in our blog ‘A guide to socially distance your office environment‘.

  1. Ensure your colleagues are setup to work from home comfortably
  2. Carry out a risk assessment
  3. Implement 2 metre social distancing where possible. If it’s not possible then introduce mitigating solutions to comply with 1m+ Government advice.
  4. Highlight updated cleaning procedures with colleagues
  5. Implement protective screens to high-footfall areas such as reception desks
back to work safely graphic - links to a blog summarising how to social distance in the office
View our blog on back to work safely tips.

Introducing social distancing measures at your place of work? Why not let us know how you’re getting on. We will happily offer free advice and guidance where possible. Email us today.

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