Introducing a new style of meeting pod

We’ve recently added a new premium office furniture item to the Solutions 4 shop: a meeting pod. These playful meeting pods will no doubt inject some creativity into the workplace. The meeting pods are perfect for two-person meetings or as a solo hotdesk.

Office Pods with Seating and Table
A twist on the meeting room table

The design of our Office Pods is inspired by the iconic underground rail systems – from The Tube in London, The Subway in New York and Paris’s Metro. These quirky spaces are the ideal touchdown space for a catch-up with colleagues, discussions with clients and are frequently used in breakout spaces, corridors or landing areas where some acoustic control helps those conversations.

Let’s be clear, this is a luxurious office furniture item; made in a variety of rich colours using top quality wool and sustainable fabrics which are predominantly sourced from Camira Fabrics. Pods and soft seating tends to be upholstered in a wool rich fabric that is thicker and gives a better quality and has flex in it to cope with the nature of soft seating needs.

Benefits of our Office Pods

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK to provide a complete consultation service
  • Free standing and completely independent from the fabric of the building
  • Quick to deploy into an existing office
  • Acoustically controlled – the large surface area of absorption helps control noise inside and out
  • Large choice of fabric colours so the pods are able to blend with existing decor schemes
  • Easily moved & relocated since they are completely demountable
  • UK designed and manufactured so good lead times and environmental credentials

Not sure where to start?

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