Major Office Space Planning & Relocation Project, Complete!

And breathe! We’ve completed a major office space planning and relocation project for our client – a global leading retailer and wholesaler.

Working closely with the client’s senior management, IT and support services team, our office space planning specialists designed and managed the relocation of 600 staff across multi-office locations. Having supported them over the past couple of decades with guidance, planning and practical support on office projects, we were so pleased they reached out to us.

This new programme of work included office space planning to manage covid safe positioning for staff, furniture rationalisation and move services. We drew up project plans with the client’s senior managers, facilities team, IT and support services staff to manage the work involved to relocate everyone and everything efficiently. Importantly the relocations would be taking place during covid lockdown which presented a novel move process for everyone. A traditional office move process would involve staff packing their own crates, but with lockdown in full force, we undertook the entire packing and relocation of crates to the required sites and desks.

Office relocations: preparation is key!

The move required:-

  • Revised space plans – to show the new desk positions that each department would occupy. This takes a great deal of meticulous planning by our CAD designers and an understanding of the client’s exact requirements. We noted the number of staff needed for each department and number of cellular offices (for senior management) and any specific meeting room needs. We drew up various versions that could adapt to the changing requirements enforced by covid-19.
  • Updating desk numbers – it’s important to have existing desk positions correctly labelled on the plan and physically on-site, as well as the new plan and “move to” positions.
  • Storage – understanding the storage requirements for each department.
  • Crates – we provide all the required items for an office move from large, lidded move crates to security seals, bubble wrap for delicate IT equipment, and moving labels. Since staff were not present, every crate was packed and then labelled with the current desk position and also with the new desk position that the crate would move to. We recommended red coloured labels for the present position and green labels for the “GO TO” move position. This dual labelling would give a failsafe double check as we know where each crate had originated from. This is particularly important when end user staff are not present and may not be for a few weeks. Take a look at our crate hire services.
  • Relocation of existing furniture – some of the offices required a change of use for certain areas of the premises which necessitated repositioning of desks, screens, chairs, tables and storage. Our qualified fitters were able to dismantle furniture where necessary quickly and easily and then relocate and re-assemble. All staff chairs were setup so that colleagues can maintain the correct occupational health setups on their return.
  • New office furniture – the plans would see some newly formed offices and creative breakout spaces. Solutions 4 Office design and manufacture office furniture so we can recommend the most suitable products to establish the best options for the client. Our unique space dividing moving wall system was utilised in a specific marketing breakout space and we will be listing this new design on our web shop soon.
Example moving wall storage used for this south east of England office space planning project
Creative and attractive storage space

Ah and yes – more of our toughened glass covid-safe screens. These are fantastic quality, clear glass screens, that will remain in place long after covid is a distant memory. They will help prevent spread of other virus’s such as flu and the common cold. In fact, we think a few of the guidance points on keeping safe during the pandemic will remain.

The IT departments required assistance with the relocation of a large number of monitor arms and our flexible workers happily assisted with this work to make sure the staff would return to the office and have familiar monitors and arms on their new desks.

Whether you’re based in the South East of England, or not, if you need support with your back to the office plans, why not get in touch with us? We can support with UK wide office projects and, at the very least, can provide you with some verbal guidance to get you on your way.

We even moved these office essentials: plants!

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