Custom design home office desk

Since the covid-19 pandemic begin, we’ve worked on a fair share of home office refurb projects. Recently, we were approached by a lady who wanted to order a quality custom design home office desk.

She saw our glass office desks (on our website) and contacted us to enquire if we could tailor the design slightly to achieve a specific finished desk height.

Example glass desks we have listed on the S4 shop

Our glass table tops are 10mm thick toughened glass and as standard the legs are 705mm in height so finished height is 715mm. This particular client needed a height of 725-730mm to accommodate a comfortable seated position. No problem! We have a nifty adjustable foot that we add to desk legs to help compensate for uneven floors, which can also be used to raise desk height by 10-15mm.

Is 10mm that important?

You might be thinking how on earth 10mm justifies a tailored desk but getting the right desk height is important for 2 reasons: comfort and legislation.

Comfort – this applies whether you’re working from home or onsite at your place of work. Working comfortable enables you to carry out your job function efficiently whilst reducing risk of aches and pains to those susceptible to office-related back issues.

Legislation – colleagues maybe blissfully unaware of the multiple pages of legislation that exist to keep office-based workers safe. Guidance around workstations is as follows:

  • The work desk or work surface should be big enough to let the user work comfortably and to change position
  • Workstation chairs should be adjustable in height
    Source: and HSE is a good site to checkout.

Back to the job at hand…

The order was placed, with the standard matt nickel finish legs swapped for the preferred bright chrome, and was ready for delivery within a few days. The desk looks great with its tapered legs adding a unique style to any home office in need of a refresh.

“We are very pleased with the desk and it seems perfect. Having the adjustable feet has meant that we were able to match the height exactly with the existing desk. From order to delivery was only a few days which was wonderful. Excellent customer service too.”

From our lovely customer
Custom glass desk in situ

What happens next?

  • Desks are put together in a way that makes them easy to assemble at home
  • We UV-bond the boss fittings to the glass top in our factory which forms a very strong fixing. Once the product is delivered it simply needs to be unwrapped and the legs twisted onto the threads of the bosses; this gives a resilient firm connection.
  • We recommend that 2 people turn the desk over as glass is a heavy product.

We were pleased to assist with this home office glass desk; perhaps we can help you next?

Some background on toughened glass

  • It is an amazing substance. Made by introducing stress so that if it breaks at any point in the future, the stress is released all in one go to immediately crumble the glass into small blunt edged pebble sized pieces.
  • The stress is released so quickly that a loud “pop” will be heard which can take people by surprise, but it’s designed precisely to achieve this.
  • More info can be found at Saint-Gobain Glass.

Need an update to your home office? We know our products very well and will lend our knowledge to be able to help customers get what they need. The 55+ years that our Directors have in the industry gives us this extensive experience that we put in to place to assist on all projects large or small.

Not sure where to start?

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