How to maximise your office storage

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Here at Solutions 4 Office, we believe a *slightly* messy desk increases creativity and productivity. But with dire office storage, expanding teams and fluctuating workloads; a messy desk can soon escalate at the detriment of the entire office. 

Whether you run a small startup or a multi-team organisation, there are plenty of cost effective solutions to improve your office environment. Here are some simple tips to maximise your office storage to free-up space:

1.Carry out an audit

In order to create a better workplace environment, you first need to establish what is and isn’t working. An office audit can help you identify areas of your office which can be improved; whether it’s space saving related, or perhaps linked with productivity or staff wellbeing. Audits are not only free, they’re useful – it just requires some of your time.  Not sure where to start? Drop us a note and we’ll be happy to assist. 

2. Desk allocation

An office audit might reveal useful habits of your office. For example, if you know that only 70% of desks are used regularly, you can look to recycle inactive desks (or sell them) to encompass more space into your office floorplan. There are a variety of local charitable schemes that would gladly take your unwanted office furniture, otherwise we can advise you. 

3. Meeting room space

Need more space to hold private meetings or staff appraisals? Acoustic pods are a flexible and budget-friendly method for introducing noise controlled areas into your office. They can be tailored depending on your need and can be easily demounted and relocated as your office evolves. 

4. Use less paper

Despite it being 2019, the UK hasn’t quite reached the paper-less office status. By storing more documents securely and digitally, you can dispose of filing cabinets or shelving to make space for other more essential office items, or simply free-up that needed breathing space.

5. Storage furniture 

Might sound an obvious office space solution to invest in office storage furniture but the type of office furniture is key to achieving a smart office space. Modular furniture, for example, can be bought as the demand increases. An office storage wall provides efficient storage by utilising floor to ceiling wall space which can even double as office partitioning.

Take a scroll of our office storage products for a dose of office inspiration or give us a call 0203 551 6957.

The floor-to-ceiling storage wall is a favourite space saving solution for companies wishing to introduce more breathing room to other areas of the office.

An example storage wall we installed for a space-concerned customer

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