Back Care Office Chairs

Fully Adjustable Backcare ChairWe love helping people who have bad back or other posture related issues in their office environment. There is nothing better than being able to make an office chair for someone who has been in pain or discomfort knowing that our chairs will make a huge improvement to their health.

We analyse the condition and view the workstation set up and our qualified staff make recommendations to help improve the situation. It’s normally essential to provide a sample of a proposed chair to measure the improvement that can be made and reassure the client that we really can make a difference. Importantly we reassure the budget holder that our production techniques and state of the art manufacturing facilities will provide the best value for money as well!

If you have office staff with bad back or bad posture related issues and need assistance please contact us for a confidential discussion on how we can help make a difference to your office.

Solutions 4 Office Ltd provide free advice to demonstrate all of the benefits of bespoke office seating. Call us for a free discussion 020 3551 6957 or email us here

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