Top 10 Best Ergonomic Desk Setup Tips

We value our clients and always guide new and existing customers on the best set up of their office desks and office workstations, whether we have supplied them or not.

Here’s our top 10 for the best ergonomic desk setup tips:-

1) Make sure your office chair is at the correct height. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor, if you can’t achieve this you may need a footrest to help.

2) Your office chair should have the ability to adjust the back rest angle (back rake adjustment). This allows you to reach the best angle for your back to promote a good healthy posture.

3) Ensure your computer screen is at the correct height so that you do not have to look down or to the side too much. A good guide is to have the top of the screen level with your seated eye height.

4) If you are using a laptop it is better to use a separate monitor to avoid looking down at the low positioned laptop screen. Using just a laptop screen increases strain on our rear neck muscles and can cause stress and fatigue.

5) A monitor arm to hold your computer screen is beneficial to achieve the correct screen height and angle.

6) Ensure you have adequate space in front of your keyboard to be able to rest your wrists naturally. A keyboard wrist wrest can help.

7) Maintain your forearms approximately parallel to the floor to promote good posture and reduce wrist stress.

8) Your mouse should be close to you to you, positioned as required to your left or right side and your wrist should remain parallel to the floor whilst using the mouse. A mouse rest can help. If you are using a laptop it’s much better for your health to use a separate regular mouse instead of the built in laptop mouse or touch pad.

9) If you use a phone regularly at your office desk consider using a headset to reduce fatigue and stress build up associated with holding a phone in your hand.

10) Get up from your seated desk position regularly. We are not designed to sit for long periods and the more you can move around the better for your posture and health. Consider a Sit/Stand desk which electrically adjusts from seated to standing height in seconds. SitStand desks are more cost effective than ever before and are ubiquitously used in parts of Scandinavia, as legislation demands the use of SitStand desks instead of fixed standard height desks. SitStand Desks

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