Backcare Chairs

Chronic Back Pain is the biggest reason for staff absenteeism and it can be debilitating. Our specialist back care seating ranges are designed to provide comfort and fully adjustable support for chronic back-pain sufferers. We manufacturer chairs to individuals needs featuring full adjustment and variable components including memory foam, coccyx cut-away, airbag seats, pump-up lumbar and thoracic adjustments. Our orthopaedic chairs can be used with our Electric Height Adjustable Desks. Occupational Health chairs can really make a difference for the individual with back pain related issues and improve productivity for the company.

Orthopaedic Office Chairs

With a choice of fabric colours and types our physio chairs and pelvic support chairs combine support, comfort and full adjustment.

Backcare ChairSpinal Care Chair S4 SD1

High Back physio recommended chair especially helpful to chronic back pain sufferers.

Backcare Chair with headrest S4D3Backcare Chairs with Headrest S4 SD3

A 2-way adjustable headrest is available for this back care chair to help alleviate upper back issues.

Occupational Health Chair S4SD8Occupational Health Chair S4 SD8

A fully adjustable backcare chair for relief of bad back pain sufferers.

Access to Work Chairs S4SD14
Access to Work Chairs S4 SD14

Recommended for Access to Work programme as a bad back solution.


Saddle Operators Chairs S4TS5S4 TS5 Backcare Saddle Chairs

Saddle Stool Chair with a high back operators back helps promote good spine and pelvic balance.

Saddle Stool Chairs S4TS4

S4 TS2 Backcare Saddle Stool

Saddle stool particularly popular where flexibility is required such as dental surgeries. Also available in a choice of anti microbial vinyls.

Orthopedic chair with headrest

Orthopedic Chairs

A range of orthopedic chairs that can incorporate inflatable lumbar and thorax support and uniquely an inflatable cushioned seat.

Orthopedic Chair

Orthopedic Chair

Special posture support chairs that feature an inflatable cushioned seat and inflatable lumbar support.