Room divider storage for global talent finders

Portsmouth based Copello are a niche talent provider for sectors including Information Security, Engineering, Government & Defence and Procurement & Supply Chain Management. Due to team growth, they moved into new offices which required attractive, room divider storage.

Russell Baker, Director of Copello approached us seeking a creative feature wall to separate space in their new office environment. We designed and configured a conceptual modular office storage system that provides a modern yet practical storage application.

The Room divider system provides a range of modular elements that are stacked to create various levels and uses which are easily reconfigured at anytime to establish a new layout.

Office storage

It’s a fresh approach to office storage with highly flexible elements. It allows our customers to be as artistic as they like to create a masterpiece with existing office furniture. A storage wall provides a distinctive yet accessible space, which doesn’t require expensive building regulations associated with installing traditional office partitioning. 

Flexible working has introduced the need for spaces that encourage collaboration. The adaptive, modular design of this office storage range means that it can be configured – and then reconfigured again quickly and easily to suit the ever-changing needs of the office space. The basic building-blocks of the modular office storage can be connected to create a framework entirely of your design, which can then be customised with accessories to enhance its functionality.

Key benefits of modular office storage

  • Flexibility of use & design – mixture of shelving to accommodate boxes, planters, lockers and cupboards. It provides a fresh approach to office storage enabling the user to create a storage solution that is not only functional but exciting, by incorporating a combination of alcoves, lockers, and shelves as well as your own personal touches.
  • Modern look and feel that inspires wellbeing – helps to introduce plants and biophilia (greenery) into the office environment. It provides the ideal solution for creating open spaces that benefit from natural light whilst still maintaining a degree of privacy.
  • Practical – room divider storage provides large capacity storage at the base (useful) and is one of the most open-plan-friendly pieces of office furniture on the market. After all, flexible working has introduced the need for spaces that encourage collaboration but private spaces are still a priority for employees.

We are really pleased with how it looks!
Thanks for your help.

Russell Baker, Copello

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