At home office design ideas

Is your commute to work now a commute to the kitchen? Perhaps you’re one of the 23.4 millions brits working from home (Finder) who are fortunate enough to occupy a home office? Kitting one out can be as expensive or affordable as you like and with but here are our home office design ideas to get you started.

We’ve listed the key essentials when it comes to working from home comfortably and efficiently.

Home office essentials

  1. Don’t ignore ergonomics!
    According to workplace insights, 81 per cent of us spend between four and nine hours a day seated at our desks. So your choice of office chair should absolutely demand some consideration and investment.
Standing Stool with height adjustable desk
Stand-up Stool with height adjustable desk

2. Separate your work and living headquarters
If you’re working from home, this can be tricky. But by allocating a space for working, such as a desk, you can maintain focus on important tasks. Introducing storage to tidy work documents and ‘things’ away after a busy day means you have a better chance of switching off after work hours.

3. Greenery
A quick and simple addition to any home office environment. Our advice is to checkout local market stalls or independent sellers such as Small & Green, a small Cambridge based plant supplier and houseplant supplier.

Beautiful house plants from Small & Green in Cambridge

4. Invest in lighting
Where possible, avoid direct lighting. It’s scientifically proven that exposure to natural light in an office will increase your productivity, health and overall wellbeing (source: IdealHome)

Frequently asked Questions

Q: I don’t have a home office, does that mean I shouldn’t invest in home office furniture?
A: Even if you don’t have a dedicated home office space it is important to be comfortable when you are working especially when using a computer screen/laptop. So sit on an adjustable chair that supports good posture and ensure the screen is at the appropriate height to eliminate neck, shoulder and upper back pain. You can raise the screen using books or boxes (cut to size if needed) or you can invest in a purpose made riser. You shouldn’t have to look down or look up to work on your screen.

Q: I don’t have the room for a desk setup.
A: Do check if you can fit a small desk into your home. There are some very clever space saving home office compact desks that foldaway when not in use and they can give you that designated working area.
If you can’t accommodate even the smallest home office desk, then work from a level flat surface (not on your knees) and try to maintain good posture and take regular breaks from screen use.

Q: Who is responsible for investment into home office furniture – employer or employee?
A: Honestly? It’s a grey area. If the contract of employment states that the employee is required to work from home, then the employer has a duty to ensure their staff have appropriate equipment to do so, including furniture. If the contract does not include wfh, an employer may still offer to supply equipment or give an allowance for the purchase of suitable equipment. It’s best to check with your HR department to check your exact situation.

Q: Typically, how long should I wait until I receive my furniture order?
A: We offer a huge range of home office furniture items, many of which are available for next day delivery. If you need anything urgently then please just ask us and we will do our best to help you.

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