Office Screens


Modular and easy to configure, Solutions4’s attractive floor and desktop screens provide privacy, improved office acoustics and a convenient home for all those essential accessories. Our many ranges feature Pods, workwalls, offices built from system screens and personal space cubicles ideal for students or quiet study library areas.

Desk Mounted Screens


Desktop Screens

Our range of desktop screens are the perfect way to define personal space.



Screen Floor StandingFloor Standing Office Screens

Improve soundproofing and privacy with our choice of floor screens.

screen podsScreen Pods

Create private spaces or impromptu offices. They also look great in exhibitions, showrooms and receptions.

Office Screen Pod

Cellular Offices and Meeting Rooms

The benefits of a partitioned office with flexibility to reconfigure for the changing needs of a dynamic workplace.

Screens for Reception AreasReceptions from Screens

These receptions can be reconfigured and expanded any time as required. Whether in veneer, laminate or fabric the results are equally impressive providing a functional and stylish first impression.

Screen for Catering Area


Designer and Catering

Easy to clean surfaces and contemporary styles allowing any image can be printed to inspire your workforce and help promote healthy eating and attitudes to food!

Acoustic Wall Panels and Acoustic ScreensSound Absorbing Screens and Wall Mounted Acoustic Panels

Noise can be a problem in Open plan but one way to control this is to use screens to block the sound by absorbing it.

Office Screens Call Centre

Call Centre Office Screens

These self-contained units can accommodate large numbers in relatively small spaces.

Breakout ScreenBreak-out Area Screens

Create a fresh and relaxing break-out area with Solutions4 Breakout Screens.

Retail Screen Decorative PartitionsScreens Partition Systems

Great for retail and design areas. A modular Modular System in High-Tech Polymer six-arm components which can be linked endlessly.

Design Area Screens Price List

Acoustic BafflesAcoustic Baffles

Noise can be a real problem in office areas. We can survey your areas and recommend solutions to your noise problem. A great cost effective measure is to utilise ceiling mounted acoustic baffles.

screen accessoriesScreen Accessories

A range of accessories to enhance the workspace from monitor arms to electrics and data, paper trays and storage, we have the solution.


Quiet Meeting Area

We can manufacture any type of screen to help create quiet meeting spaces in busy areas such as receptions and public areas of your buildings.

Office Screen Meeting Area

Office Screen Pods

Screen Designer Quiet Space for Office

Quiet Area for Meetings

Office Pods with Sound Absorbing Ceilings

Office Pods