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Office Furniture Space Planning ProjectFortem Logo



Fortem, the property services solutions provider, continued expansion plans by creating a new office in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. The building provided 3 floors of space that needed to be planned out to best suit the operation. Solutions 4 Office were chosen to provide space planning, design services and the provision of new furniture.
White Bench Desks
It was important to have an initial site meeting to enable a detailed survey to be undertaken and to engage fully with the client and site contractors. The client fully briefed the team with the requirements including the timescales needed to meet opening deadlines. These discussions lead to the creation of several draft office space plans. These allowed for discussions evolving the project to better cater for the needs of the client’s business, including allowing for further expansion when required.

Desk Installation
Like all projects, the communication between all stakeholders really helped determine the final space plan. This created the design for all works including partitioning, electrical and data works and HVAC. It also detailed the total requirement for new furniture and importantly enabled the integration of existing furniture. This helped reduce the overall budget spend and enabled true recycling of existing furniture.

The office furniture was manufactured with a focus on usability, for example the new desks were made as a bench system to increase leg space for staff and help save on metal component costs. The meeting room areas had tables pre-loaded with power, data and communication units to give users direct access to these at table level.

The project featured modern white tops for the bench desks with a matching white leg detail and full wire management. Desk divider screens were made in a special Fortem blue to provide branded highlighting across the floors. Monitor arms lifted dual monitors off the desks tops to support workplace Health & Safety needs.

On other floors the use of a subtle maple board enabled matching of existing furniture worktops creating a continuous design flow through the office and meeting areas. The use of cubicle locker systems meant that traditional pedestal drawer units were unnecessary which enhanced underdesk space and further reduced cost. High level hot desk bench units created a touchdown area for visiting staff offering charge points for laptop and mobile phones.

Solutions 4 expertise in project management was very helpful to balance the timescales, budget and client needs.

“We were very pleased with the willingness of Solutions 4 to support our requirement. They were particularly helpful in space planning and reducing our spend costs on this project. The result was a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing, fantastic workspace”.

Steve Gayter
Business Solutions Support Director

Hot Bench

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Futureproof Office FurnitureStanmore logo



Stanmore Steel were greatly impressed with the office furniture fit-out project completed by Solutions 4 Office at their new Sydenham building. The team from Solutions 4 recommended the use of new bench type desking with rectangle return units, instead of the older style crescent curved desks. This would futureproof the furniture to allow further expansion when required.
Modern Office Design
The project featured a neutral white based finish for all desk tops and complimentary finishes of black fabric for seating. In addition, a tonal accent of light grey fabric for the desk mounted screen elements provided good visual highlight.

Breakout Furniture
All cellular offices including management, Executive and the Boardroom featured furniture that was sympathetic with the aesthetics of the building design style and created a very modern future proof office design.

“We were very pleased with the professional approach and support provided. The attention to detail and high-quality finish was particularly satisfying. A 5-star performance”

Stelian Niculae
Health and Safety Director
Stanmore Steel

Stylish Modern Boardroom Table

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Executive Boardroom Table in London


Solutions 4 Office designed and made an Executive Boardroom Table for the London office of a client

StoryFirst Ltd needed an Executive Boardroom table to complement their newly refurbished London offices and approached Solution 4 to help.

The executive boardroom table needed to be a statement piece to show quality and refinement. It also needed to be available in a finish that was sympathetic with the design of the new Boardroom and to provide full power and IT services to the users.

The executive table featured an elliptical shaped top made in a real wood Tobacco Oak finish with a fantastic truncated cone base in chrome.

Boardroom Table London
Cable access was up through the base to a specially made power, data, smart USB charge and HDMI module with access though a dedicated top flap.

Boardroom Table Base
“We are so pleased that we found Solutions 4, they provided professional advice clearly explaining all the details of their tables and how they could help us. Other suppliers were nowhere near as experienced and knowledgeable on executive furniture. Solutions 4 provided a great service helping with this crucial project. We would love to use them again in the future and can unhesitatingly recommend their service and products”

Natalja Voronova
StoryFirst Ltd

Cable Access for Boardroom Table

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Woodbourne Group LogoBirmingham Office Furniture and Interior Design



The expansion of the Birmingham based Woodbourne Group of companies created a need for new office furniture and Solutions 4 were pleased to assist with the planning and provision of quality office furniture in Birmingham.
The project brief was to achieve a modern functioning office environment using the latest framed desks that featured good cable management for the fast expanding client. We proposed white bench desks with white picture framed leg details. The desks were topped with subtle light grey fabric dividing screens to offer a degree of privacy for staff members.
Birmingham Office Furniture
The cable management was uniquely designed for the bench desks. This allows careful positioning of power, data and communications wiring with special socket modules included just below the desk surface.

Individual storage for each user was catered for by introducing metal mobile pedestal drawer units to give complete flexibility to the scheme.

This Birmingham office furniture project was planned, manufactured, delivered and installed with 2 weeks thanks to Solutions 4’s in-house design, production and logistics.

White Bench Desks
“We were extremely pleased with the service and professionalism of the Solutions 4 Office team which helped us complete our Birmingham office furniture project in time and within budget. The products are high quality and provide the value for money that was promised. We would recommend the company to any prospective client without hesitation. They have already helped us conceive other feasibility concepts for further projects and we look forward to working with them in the future. We thank them for their support.”

Tani Dulay
Woodbourne Group

Birmingham White Office Screens

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The New York Times logoOffice Moves and New Furniture in London



“The London office of the New York Times have used the services and products of Solutions 4 Office since the move to our new premises 2 years ago. We recently sought the help of the team to expand our Newsroom.Reception Area Refurbishment
We have always found the service, expertise and support provided by Solutions 4 Office to be impeccable. They are enthusiastic to ensure that all aspects of our growth and internal move arounds are planned to minimise disruption to our busy workplace. This was particularly crucial in our recent adaptation of the Newsroom one day after the UK General Election.



The work was planned to coordinate electricians, IT services, carpet fitters, office moves and new furniture installations. This took place over a long weekend so that the Newsroom was up and running on time the following morning.Breakout Area
We recommend the services and products of the Solutions 4 Office team”.

Angie Seed
General Manager
The New York Times – London Office

Office Meeting SpaceSolutions 4 Office Interiors team can help design your office interiors, please contact us and we can explain how we can help you.

Bollywood Film Producer Executive FurnitureWhite Executive Furniture for Film Producer



A Bollywood film producer was so impressed with the style of our white executive furniture that he asked for help with planning his new London based film distribution company headquarters.
When we visited to discuss the project on-site in the building site, the specification was to create an unequalled superior finish of executive furniture in white. Everything needed to be designed and manufactured in a crisp white finish. The CEO explained that fellow film producers, major star actors and film industry leaders would be visiting the new premises and that he wished to create the best executive office possible. He had chosen Solutions 4 Office because we conveyed the best quality of executive white furniture in the UK.

Executive White Desks
To help we created space plans of the various departments within the building, all of which had to feature quality white executive furniture.

White Executive DesksWhite Boardroom Furniture

The draft interior designs, space plans and proposals were submitted with visualisations to show the client how the furniture would fit in with the designer office features.
The plans evolved to cater for the intense IT demand of the film production business and the styles were finalised incorporating white executive seating, white board room table and white executive furniture across the whole site.
The producer loved the styles and placed an order for all the furniture. There was a challenging delivery and installation date needed for the opening launch. Fortunately, our production manager could balance works to allow for a speedy turnaround of the white executive furniture.
Boardroom Table in White

The installation was booked and took place over several scheduled days to allow parts of the building to be set up according to the programme of works. The results were amazing and the executive furniture in white was particularly effective against the luxury blue carpeting throughout the building.
Commenting the film producer said “we are overwhelmingly pleased with the service and level of quality of the executive furniture provided by Solutions 4 Office, Thank you”.

Bollywood Film Producer

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TED Adventist LogoTrans-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists



Trans-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists headquarters at St Albans needed to furnish a new executive suite for the head of European Finance. The senior position required a dignified executive range of furniture that was considerate to the unique office shape and floorspace, that also provided an efficient workspace and meeting area. Solutions 4 Office were selected to help.

Executive Desk with Glass
Discussions began with Solutions 4 Office to explore possible options and a site visit by our specialist interiors director allowed for clarity on the requirement. Solutions 4 Office were able to draw up floor-plans for the most suitable design options which included the workstations, meeting space and storage area.

Executive Meeting Table and Chairs


The client was able to appreciate the proposal and consider the choice of products that Solutions 4 recommended. A showroom visit followed, to allow the client to check the quality of the executive furniture and ensure that the recommendations would meet the expectations of the office refurbishment.

Executive Storage

A final quotation was then submitted and an order placed for a complete suite of furniture including the recommended executive chairs. The furniture was made in a Royal Brown Oak finish matched across the executive desk, return unit, pedestal, meeting table and storage. Glass elements were incorporated to modernise the look and feel of the furniture. The executive seating was bespoke manufactured in Ivory leather with aluminium detailing.
Commenting, Nenad Jepuranovic, Head of Finance, TED Adventists, said “I needed a good range of executive furniture that featured all the elements required for a busy office. We have many international visitors and it’s important to have a comfortable but practical meeting space for our discussions. I would recommend Solutions 4 Office to help with Executive Office Furniture projects”

Nenad Jepuranovic, Head of Finance – TED Adventists


Applied Laser Engineering LogoAPPLIED LASER ENGINEERING



Based in Hersham in Surrey, Applied Laser Engineering Ltd (ALE) design & manufacture a range of laser engraving machines.
The company wished to create a modern meeting space for engagement with visiting clients that reflected the efficient progressive nature of the business.
ALE approached Solutions 4 Office to help with the manufacture and supply of a glass table to seat 8.

Black Glass Boardroom Table
Commenting, Hedi of Applied Laser Engineering explained “Solutions 4 had a good selection of glass meeting tables on their website but we needed help so spoke to them directly to explain our requirements. They quickly understood what we needed for our meeting area and even offered to plan the whole area for us to show the best size, shape and design of table that would work in the small space we had. The room was for multi-use and even incorporated a bar drinks area. The Solutions 4 designers drew up plans including our other items and showed how our IT and presentation equipment could be integrated”.

Hedvig Szűcs – Applied Laser Engineering Ltd



Solutions 4 Office designed a black glass meeting table with integrated power, data and comms facility within the top. The ability to pull-up the module to allow users to connect makes for a very modern and usable meeting facility. The tables looks great and is very functional.
Pull Up Electrics and Data Module
Solutions 4 Office were proud to be able to help ALE refurbish their boardroom area and to provide such an attractive piece of modern boardroom furniture and look forward to supporting the client with future requirements.

For more details see here

Loon Fung LogoLoon Fung



Loon Fung, one of the largest specialist Chinese wholesale companies in the UK, wished to update their UK head office to develop a more efficient and practical workplace for their staff.
The office located above the business’s North London wholesale cash and carry is a rectilinear space that houses the head office administration, purchasing, HR and accounts departments with senior management team.
Solutions 4 Office were chosen to help.

Bench Desk Case Study
Commenting from Loon Fung, Sandra Mendes explained “We looked at and considered a number of potential office interior suppliers for this refurbishment plan, and wanted to partner with a provider who had experience in office space planning and providing guidance to businesses like ours. Having evaluated the providers we finalised on Solutions 4 Office as they were very experienced, helpful and enthusiastic to help us develop our working environment. Importantly they are also competitive and gave us great value for money office furniture”.

Tambour Storage for Offices


Solutions 4 Office created our office space plan layouts to help us understand the way the existing space could be used and provided guidance on acoustics within the office area. We visited one of their London office furniture showrooms to see the quality of the workstations. They also installed a desking pilot scheme at our office so that we could show our staff the options before committing to order office furniture”.

White Bench Desk Case Study
The client needed assistance to create the best, most efficient head office workspace and Solutions 4 Office were pleased to be able to help them in the project. The refurbishment featured our unique scalloped edge desk tops in white with a silver finished bench frame system that allowed extra leg space for each person.
We added bespoke monitor arms to lift the staff computer screens off the workstations to increase usable desk space and allow each person to locate their monitor in the most beneficial position.
New tall tambour storage units were selected to compliment the desks and make use of the floor space and house the filing needs of the client.

The office furniture was delivered and installed according to the clients project plan within budget and timescale.

Sandra Mendes, Facilities – Loon Fung

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Creative IT LogoCreative IT


Creative IT, the rapid response IT repair service have many clients visiting their London repair centre and wished to update the reception area to reflect the professional nature of their business.
They approached Solutions 4 Office to help achieve this.
“We needed a furniture manufacturer who could give us advice and help plan the new layout of our reception” commented Stephen Dingwall, Managing Director of Creative IT. “Solutions 4 Office visited us and discussed our requirements They took time to understand the functions of our business that reflected the demands on the new furniture and new layout we would need”.


modern reception desk case studyreception desk case study

Solutions 4 Office interiors team produced a scaled plan of the area and created several options and arrived at the most advantageous solution for Creative to approve. The client was very pleased with the proposal and engaged Solutions 4 Office to manufacture the furniture in an Amber Walnut finish to reflect the fresh feel that the office area needed.

Stephen continues “We needed this area refurbished and the option from the Solutions 4 team gave us the perfect product in the best layout format for our space. The furniture was made and delivered within 2 weeks and looks fantastic. We are thoroughly pleased with the service, products and positive attitude of Solutions 4 Office and recommend them highly, a 5-Star Service”.

Stephen Dingwall, Managing Director – Creative IT

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reception desk detail case study


Executive Office DeskProperty Management



Solutions 4 Office recently completed the office refit of a successful Property Management company based in Finchley, London.

The Solutions 4 Interiors team provided space planning feasibility guidance to the client liaising at senior board level to achieve the clients wishes.

The installation of high quality wood finish desking, storage and matching boardroom facilities was achieved on time and on budget.

Executive Desk for Property CompanyExecutive Secretarial Desk

Commenting, Robert Green, Director of the Property Company revealed “Solutions 4 were very professional in their office designs and advice for us; they worked patiently to meet our objectives and to enhance the overall ambiance of our brand new facility. They designed the space to work as we needed and supported us throughout the process with guidance on the best furniture for our business. We would recommend them to any potential client. Excellent service and good communication all the way through the project”.

Property Management

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Executive Meeting Table





HM Treasury LogoHM Treasury



A prestigious project was completed for HM Treasury by the office furniture division of Solutions 4 Office Ltd.
The government’s economic and finance ministry which maintains control over public spending, sets the direction of the UK’s economic policy and works to achieve strong and sustainable economic growth; required assistance with a meeting room design.
The Central London based site needed a new stylish and well-designed product with full integration of data, electrics and communications technology.

Solutions 4 Office Ltd were chosen from a host of suppliers to provide design guidance, space planning services and production of the optimal meeting table.

HM Treasury Meeting Table

Solutions 4 Office Ltd were able to offer a tailored considerate approach to the project taking into account all the needs of the client. The proposed table was from the S4 Elliptical Range and was produced in an Executive Brown Oak finish with a 38mm thick top supported on a modern, black metal, angled leg frame.
The 10-seater table featured a frosted acrylic cover to the central cable access tray that allows for easy provision of all services to the table users.

HM Treasury

For more details see hereHM Treasury Executive Meeting Table


TDP Textiles LogoTDP Textiles Ltd



TDP Textiles, the leading producer of character underwear and nightwear for contract customers, needed a fast solution for furniture for their new state of the art showroom. Having been let down by a supplier who couldn’t fulfil the requirement for a large meeting table and seating they approached Solutions 4 Office Ltd for help. The Solutions 4 Sales Team took up the challenge to manufacture and deliver a solution within a very tight deadline ready for an important presentation to a prestigious client.

The sales team were able to recommend a perfect option and deliver and install the urgent meeting table in Derbyshire within 5 working days. The table was made to the clients precise sizes with an extra depth than standard to help the laying out of the new garment designs to aid presentations.

White Meeting Table with Full Wire Management

Incorporated wire management on and within the table allowed wires and accessories to be tidied away discreetly to enhance the quality of the meeting space. The white leather chairs complimented the white table and the overall appearance was of a crisp, efficient style to help TDP Textiles display their quality products to the best.
“We would like to thank you for the great work you have done for us here at TDP, after getting let down by another supplier you managed to turn it around for us in less than two weeks. You provided an excellent service throughout and helped us achieve a great finish to our show room!
We would highly recommend you”.

Sophie Lilley,
TDP Textiles Ltd

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Meeting Tables Derbyshire



When surveying and design consultancy GIA wished to update their meeting room space at corporate headquarters in London they wanted to introduce a fresh new approach to the design and incorporate appropriate furniture to complement the modern aesthetics of the areas. The tables needed to offer a complete hosting facility for all meetings so incorporation of electrics, data and all communication technology was a prerequisite to allow GIA to future-proof the new rooms.

GIA Meeting Room Table

After careful analysis of the potential options Solutions 4 Office were commissioned to produce the tables.
“The cleanly designed and produced tables are now successfully deployed in the 3 meeting rooms allowing high quality interactive discussions with clients to take place. We recommend Solutions 4 Office for any office project you may have. Great service and advice and very efficient delivery and installation”.

Gemma Grehan,

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GIA Pear Shaped Meeting Table

Eurotunnel logoEurotunnel


New legislation announced by the Home Sectretary concerning border controls led to a rapid response from Solutions 4 Office Ltd to help Eurotunnel install new Exit Check desks recently.
Eurotunel required a fast solution to create bespoke exit check verification counters for staff to verify the exit details of all passengers that would be passing though the tunnel.Security Reception Desks

“Within days of my call, Geoff had visited the site, helped me plan and draw a bespoke unit perfectly suited to my needs, and delivered and fitted a pair of the finished products within 7 working days. To say that this was impressive customer service is an understatement! I highly recommend Solutions 4 Office without any reservation”.

Martin Wise,



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Learner Adams Bones LogoLearner Adams Bones


Learner Adams Bones needed a high quality stylish range of storage units for their newly fitted premises and after discussions with Solutions 4 and a showroom visit chose the high specification tambour units with a white carcass and white tambour closure doors. The design features very clean lines and the ability to use multiple interior fitments to allow for future changes in clients needs.


“Richard really went out of his way to listen to our needs and find exactly the right solution for us. Everyone we dealt with at the company was efficient, polite and a pleasure to do business with. We would certainly use them again”.

White Tambour CupboardsAccount Director,
Learner Adams Bones



“We needed to host international multi-broadcast video conferencing and the existing table just wasn’t up to the job. The traditional rectangle and oval shapes meant staff couldn’t sit at the table correctly to be fully interactive over the video conferencing.

Pear Shaped Boardroom Table

Solutions 4 Office submitted a unique pear shaped design which would allow all the delegates to interact at the same time with full views over the Video Conferencing technology. Built-in discreet audio, visual, data and power connections were carefully positioned within a birch wood veneer table and the design was “brilliant”. We are so pleased with the table and the efficient performance of Solutions 4 Office we would recommend their services to everyone, well done Solutions4.”

More Info

Project Co-ordinator,
Daiichi Sankyo Development Ltd

cole jarman logo (2)Cole Jarman


“Our need for comfortable ergonomic operator chairs began a project to source the best option. We evaluated the proposed options and Solutions4 Office were chosen to provide their recommended seating as they demonstrated understanding of our particular requirements, especially for some of our very tall personnel. The chairs were delivered in good time and Solutions 4 Office even recycled our old seating saving us time and money. We would recommend Solutions 4 Office to help with any office furniture project”.

Ann Richardson,
Cole Jarman, Acoustic Consultancy


Stedham-House-Dental-SurgeryStedham House Dental Surgery


Stedham House Dental Surgery Reception Area

“At Stedham House Dental Surgery we are delighted with our new custom-made reception desk supplied by Solutions 4 Office. Our practice is housed in an 1850s grade II listed Victorian House, with period features, stained glass windows and antique Liberty of London furniture. Practice expansion and computerisation necessitated a new, larger reception desk, in keeping with the period style of the waiting room.

Solutions4 Office offered friendly and helpful advice, providing space plans and designs. They manufactured a special cherry wood veneer reception counter, with brass rebate detail, with additional shelving and pedestal drawers behind. The desk was installed within 4 weeks and looks superb. Patients frequently comment on how well it fits in, and how lovely it looks. We would recommend Solutions4 to anyone requiring office furniture or design services”. 

Katriona Page,
Stedham House Dental Surgery