Sit-Stand Desks, what are the options?

Whether you’re desk-bound for most of the working day, or a remote worker; you want the flexibility of working sitting and standing? Sit-Stand desks is the perfect solution and fast becoming an office essential.

Here are some commonly asked questions to support you on your quest for a SitStand desk that’s right for you:

Do I simply choose what model of desk I want on your website? It depends if you already have a desk which you wish to replace. If you’re happy with your existing desktop, it is possible that we can transfer this to one of our new SitStand frames. Bear this in mind when you’re seeking a quote as it can save you money (we’ll of course be very happy to help with advice).

I don’t want my existing desk, what can you do? No problem! We can simply replace your old desk with your new purchase. We don’t send old desks to landfill but instead recycle them to local charities and enterprises in need of office furniture or to be processed to make other things.

Is it difficult to setup a SitStand desk? Most SitStand desks will be delivered as a flatpack, so it really depends on your patience to assemble! We charge a small fee to deliver and setup your new desk.
Sit Stand Desks

What SitStand desks do you stock? We have three models of SitStand desk on a quick delivery schedule:

  • Table top comes in a variety of finishes
  • 3 choices for leg finish
  • View additional information here
Sit Stand desk

Essentiel UP
  • Optional slimline drawer
  • Range of finishes for the table top depending on thickness
  • More info here
Essentiel Sit Stand Desks

  • Electrical height adjustment or manual crank
  • Optional modesty panel
  • More info here
Axel Sit Stand Desk with screen
How much do SitStand desks cost? Prices vary from range to range and depending on the size required. Prices start from under £500 + vat

How long does a SitStand desk take to arrive, from order? Delivery usually takes between 5-7 days. If we can assure a swift delivery, we will let you know. If a desk is being replaced, we try to ensure there is a seamless cross-over.

How noisy is the motor function on a SitStand desk? If we’re talking decibels, the majority of SitStand desks when being moved up or down by the electrical motor, omits the same noise as moderate rainfall. The motors are designed for use in offices and schools so they are built to be quiet.
Get in touch if you’re thinking of investing in a SitStand desk. For anyone wishing to purchase multiple SitStand desks, we can provide a substantial discount. Please ask us for details.

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