Returning to work Vs Remote working

Social distancing furniture is a term we’re all using now – especially office managers and covid-19 response teams. In our latest newsletter we share some office essentials to enhance your ‘back to work’ plan.

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Good afternoon,

Whether you’re returning to the physical office, or not, there is still plenty to wrap your head around. What is your current state of play? Hit reply, and let us know – we might be able to provide some tips/suggestions on the setup front.

We regularly encourage our clients to seek out Government guidelines, which can be found here.

For those who are thinking about opening the office doors:
We’ve updated the shop to include social distancing furniture; in particular, the plexiglass screens are working well as companies seek to re-engineer their office space for a staged return to “normal”. Other items include:

For those continuing to work from home:
Below are some home office essentials you might want to explore with your remote teams. Our latest blog might be of interest (read here)

  • SitStand desk – electric height adjustable desks that have push button controls to simply adjust the working desk height.
  • Small glass desk – creates a very modern stylish home office.
  • Ergonomic office chair – our bodies don’t like that office life is dominated by working at computer screens for extended periods, so our chairs help to support us.
  • Storage unit – practical and aesthetic office storage units are essential to keep work documents securely locked out of the way.
  • Desk mounted monitor – can be used on almost any desk to alleviate and prevent neck pains and eye strain

Thanks for reading, and stay safe.

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