Protective Screens for Schools

Since the beginning of lockdown we’ve been working with our academic customers to ensure their school reception counters are covid19 safe. Our swift instalment of protective screens for schools has enabled them to communicate with their teaching cohort, students and parents about the steps they’ve introduced.

Barrier Screens on Reception Counter
Protective screens installed at this primary school reception counter

The Head at Lyons Primary School needed to ensure that the reception counter for the school had appropriate protection for staff, pupils and visitors so approached us, Solutions 4 Office. We’ve built up, in a short amount of time, valued experience in planning covid safe strategies for businesses and schools. We recommended a toughened glass screen solution; the glass panel screen could be mounted securely onto the reception counter offering a 2-way barrier to any possible virus transmission. We delivered and installed the barrier solutions within a few days to meet the required deadline.

We’re grateful for the help provided by the Solutions 4 Office team – the quality of the product and the service that we received is exceptional and we would certainly recommend them to other schools.

Mr Andrew Smith – Headteacher
Protective screen for schools - Essex primary school reception counter
Protective screens installed at Braiswick Primary School

We also provided a quick and effective solution for the reception counter at an Essex primary school. Our protective screens for schools are made from toughened glass and we tailor them for each specific site to ensure maximum protection level against viral transmission.

The glass acts as a complete barrier to droplet passage and can be cleaned regularly. We use glass because unlike Perspex, acrylic or Plexiglas, it will not discolour over time with regular cleaning. For this project we used a w1500xh900mm toughened glass panel with mounting brackets that securely fixed it into place.

This was an urgent requirement which we were able to design, manufacture and install within a just a few days

Solutions 4 Office are specialists in protection screens for schools and would be delighted to talk with you about your project.

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