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We have over 30 years’ experience in helping companies with office furniture projects. Solid preparation and planning is the most important stage in your relocation plan!

Depending on the office-move, we sometimes work via architects and designers but most furniture packages on refurbishments or new builds are taken out of the construction brief and handled by the client directly with us. This usually offers savings of at least 10-20% of costs and can be much more significant. It also offers an opportunity to create a much more tailored result by having a shorter chain discussion.

Here are some questions which you will need to think about:

  • Is the relocation part of a bigger office investment? i.e will you be investing in brand new furniture throughout?
  • Will you need to dispose of your current furniture? We can recommend various social enterprises who would be grateful for second-hand furniture
  • Will your IT need to be catered for?

We provide a number of services including:

  • full space planning
  • acoustic controls (designers and architects often overlook acoustics when creating designs with lots of hard surfaces, glass, solid floors and open plan layouts)
  • recommend the most appropriate furniture for your needs (we are independent which means we are not tied to individual manufacturers)
  • turnkey solution for office moves, from planning to furniture delivery and office-floor installation

Here are a few tips for your office move:

  1. Appoint one project manager to be the main point of contact during the move 
  2. Get hold of your future office blueprint to map out where your colleagues will work and where your departments will be located etc (we can supply you with one, or your office-fit out contractor will have accurate drawings) 
  3. Start stockpiling heavy-duty moving boxes or crates; you’ll need plenty! 
  4. Keep an audit of what has been packed, with boxes clearly labelled ready for unpacking 
  5. Get quotes from a few moving companies; you’ll be surprised in the cost variation 
  6. Take big furniture apart; this will save space when relocating to the new office 
  7. Move IT and server equipment separately 
  8. For bigger companies, move departments in to your new office space in phases
  9. Keep your colleagues updated each step of the way; even right down to where they will be sitting
  10. Allow plenty of time and plan periods of disruption to staff leading up to and after the move.
Alarm clock and notebook - start your office move planning early!
Start your office move planning early

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We have office furniture hubs in Suffolk, London and Kent but work with customers across the UK.

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