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How do I know if I need to move office?

There are many drivers for your decision on whether to move business premises. These obviously include office congestion, noise levels, budget, location, access and strategic demands. When a business grows in office staff numbers and the building floor space is restrictive a dilemma arises. Do you expand your floor space by taking more space in your current premises or move to a larger space in another building?

This is where Solutions 4 Feasibility Studies can help.

The financial costs of a relocation are large regardless of company size and type. Just consider the address change implications, dilapidation costs, new offices refurbishment and the physical move; let alone the disruption to your core business.

Solutions 4 Office are experts in feasibility studies providing guidance to companies that have reached this crucial point dilemma. We can evaluate your existing space and requirements, future proof planning and confirm if alternative choices exist for your needs.

Maximise your Office Space
We work with you to establish your aims, goals and needs. Understanding these is imperative as we gather information and research your staff working patterns, storage, meeting area requirements and archiving priorities. Our feasibility study expertise can deliver choices for you that may offer more efficient options that can deliver cost and time savings and even show that moving is not necessary by introducing new practical concepts or adjusting the space planning style.

Alternatively the Solutions 4 Office Interiors team can reveal that moving is the only choice, in which case, our space planning team can help ensure that the new premises are the best choice for your company’s needs and confirm the new office layout we present is the most beneficial for your future. We have worked with some of the largest international businesses to provide such advice and can demonstrate our abilities.

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