Modular storage system installed in Surrey

Companies across the UK are updating their office space as more colleagues choose to escape the tedious WFH routine. Now, companies are offering flexible or ‘hybrid’ working which is sweeping the nation. We’re finding most workers look forward to this updated way of working – breaking up their work week with a trip to the office. Modular storage systems are providing many organisations with a simple transformative measure to update their floor-plan.

An existing Solutions 4 Office client wanted to better configure their open-plan office space. The aim was simple: give staff more privacy without shutting them away behind walls and doors. We prescribed our hugely popular Modular Storage units which come in a variety of finishes.

Modular storage systems are used to create better flow whilst providing a practical yet attractive storage solution. Best of all, the product can be reconfigured anytime to create a dynamic and flexible way to separate spaces.

Although storage is primarily for function, we always recommend adding plants to this particular storage unit. Plants (real or faux) introduce nature into the office which is complementary to most office designs. In addition, a number of studies have shown that incorporating plants into workplace design can have a positive effect on perceived productivity and wellbeing.

We hope you agree, it looks fantastic and we’re pleased that staff and management are happy.

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