Is your office space a productive one?

Whether you get your news-fix from podcasts or email newsletters, we can guarantee workplace wellbeing and productivity will feature regularly. As experts in office space planning, we love reading about it! An article by Workplace Insight talks of those ‘damn millennials’ who, despite their best efforts to inform office design and culture, still need to appreciate an ageing workforce. Entrepreneur summarises 6 ideas to promote better productivity at work and to increase your workers spirit; we’re of course feeling smug that office furniture is listed. We also bookmarked a post-conference write-up by Workplace Trends which presents a number of interesting narratives:
Acoustic Pods for Meetings
  • Visual Ergonomics in the Workplace: See it right, feel better
  • Active Lifestyle at Work: The Facts
  • Office Design, 2030, and the fight against political correctness at work
  • Beyond Biophilic Design: Creating great physical environments that are also psychologically comfortable
So what are the most common requirements our clients have? And is productivity and wellbeing at the top of their priority list too? Here are what we are hearing most often from our clients:
  1. An effective floorplan layout that caters to the needs of individuals, departments and the building infrastructure
  2. Best value for money. This doesn’t mean budget level products but means providing the best for the cost involved
  3. A relaxing, less formal area somewhere across the floorspace, that can be utilised for collaborative meetings or breakout “chill” space
  4. An efficient project that is planned perfectly to avoid staff disruption and mitigate any business risk during the works
  5. A space that staff like/love that increases morale, wellbeing and efficiency. Often this is reached by truly engaging with staff stakeholders to understand how to help them
In our experience (and we’ve been doing this a long time) a companys’ wellbeing and culture can be affected, both positively and negatively, by their working environment. If your office space is claustrophobic or noisy, it’s no surprise that your employees will suffer and thus their output will suffer. We have a number of office space solutions including acoustic pods and cost effective office furniture that can enhance and improve the way your team works. Drop us a call or email to find out more.
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