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To kick-off this monthly (perhaps bi-monthly) newsletter, we thought we'd share a quick update on what's been happening at Solutions 4 Office and our sister company Acoustic Pods. The Solutions 4 team have been working with companies in a number of sectors; finance, military, healthcare and retail, the latter project completed in June included public area hospitality furniture and a range of office furniture including executive suites. We visited a London-based foreign embassy to plan the first of a number of executive and support office remodels. An exciting, all-encompassing proposal which we await with baited breath for the clients' acceptance.
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The acoustic pod market begins the year as it finished 2018 with a large number of enquiries for our unique pods. We have completed several quotes for pods to be installed across the UK with clients from a range of industries including media to warehouse logistics businesses. Clients, in most cases, have budget restrictions so our 'lease purchase' schemes offer a way to spread the capital cost across a number of years (and best of all the monthly payments he can be reclaimed against tax).
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We've carried out a few acoustic surveys for schools who have noise issues. Noise is a big issue in schools and has the most amount of legislation - get in touch if you're looking for a solution.
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The sit-stand desk revolution is sweeping the UK. They are beneficial in office environments allowing staff to regularly change from seated working to a stand-up desk position which can help with circulation and posture as well as improving concentration. Find out more here.
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