How to fit a hands-free door opener

Door handles are, unfortunately, a rife breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, so it’s no surprise that since the global Coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase in uptake of hygienic hands-free door opener.

Easily fitted to any traditional handled standard door, they are designed to prevent the spread of Coronavirus & other pathogens. A hands-free door opener is also a considerable cost-effective install Vs an automatic door opener.

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This add-on, retro-fit, foot controlled door access product takes away the need to touch a door handle. It’s easily installed in less than 10 minutes using 4 screws or simple double sided tape.

  • Our unique design features a rubber grommet ring that slips over the door handle;
  • The foot mechanism is attached via a strong metal cable
  • It’s operated by a simple press of the foot onto the pedal;
  • A metal foot grip allows the door to be pulled or pushed with the foot.


Hands Free Door Opener
Product in situ

Other socially distanced furniture items you might want to consider include:

  • Protective screens for front of house / reception desks
  • Hands-free sanitiser dispenser
  • Wipe clean office chairs
  • Perspex or toughened glass desk screen providers

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