How to concentrate on important tasks at work

Acoustic Pods for Open Plan OfficesHave you ever wondered how to concentrate on important tasks at work despite being in a noisy open plan office? It’s simple – use our acoustic pods designed to help enable private work or meetings within open plan areas. Our acoustic services can help to:- Absorb Noise, Block Noise and Cover Noise.

Studies have shown that 70% of workers said they could be more productive in a less noisy environment (study by ASID). Therefore staff that are subjected to a noisy environment in the office are less productive. Open plan offices are brilliant at reducing floor space footprints for companies and improving interaction but for some activities they are poor and this is why our acoustic pods have been developed. They complement the open plan areas offering an acoustic oasis for respite from the usual hubbub for staff.Acoustic Discussion Area

Solutions 4 acoustic pods are available in any size from solo units allowing better privacy for one individual, to 4 or 6-person sanctuaries for team discussions away from the crowd. We even make super large M&A or “War Room” strategic pods for senior executive board discussions.

Remember Absorb Noise, Block Noise and Cover Noise. Choose Solutions 4 Office Pods.

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Acoustic Meeting Area

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