Working from home: how to equip your staff

Blog for managers and executive teams: The Corona virus pandemic has seen a surge in Brits working from home which has prompted many teams to review their teams home office furniture setup.

  • According to the Office for National Statistics, there has been approx 49% of UK workers reporting working from home. (Source: Guardian)
  • According to a recent study, 56% of employees that wouldn’t typically work from a remote environment, feel more productive in this environment than they do in the office. (Source: UC Today)
  • Job searches for ‘remote working’ up 60% globally since lockdown (Source: iNews)

What plans have you made to ensure your teams are working from home safely and comfortably? There a growing number of reasons why employees prefer to work from home (productivity and efficiency reasons are key) so don’t let poor working conditions stifle your teams motivation.

lady working from home

Here are some key home office furniture items to equip your staff to work from home:

  1. SitStand desk – electric height adjustable desks that have push button controls to simply adjust the working desk height.
  2. Small glass desk – creates a very modern stylish home office.
  3. Ergonomic office chair – our bodies don’t like that office life is dominated by working at computer screens for extended periods, so our chairs help to support us.
  4. Storage unit – practical and aesthetic office storage units are essential to keep work documents securely locked out of the way.
  5. Desk mounted monitor – can be used on almost any desk to alleviate and prevent neck pains and eye strain.

If you’re after practical and cost effective home office furniture items, please do drop us a note or checkout the above key items here.

For cultural advice on how to navigate your remote teams – Raconteur have some very useful resources.

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