Eurotunnel Exit Check Desks

New legislation announced by the Home Sectretary concerning border controls led to a rapid response from Solutions 4 Office Ltd to help Eurotunnel install new Exit Check desks recently. Eurotunnel logo

The customer required a fast solution to create bespoke exit check verification counters for staff to verify the exit details of all passengers that would be passing though the tunnel.

Solutions4 took the brief and prepared plans and style guidance whilst considering the technology demands for the counters.  The Solutions4 manufacturing capability meant that we could commit to deliver and install the required furniture to meet the operational deadline without fail. This was challenging but meant that the client could concentrate on the other factors relating to the introduction of the legislation.

Commenting on the project, Martin Wise, Customer Service Division, Eurotunnel said:-

“When appointed by my company to project manage our facilities provision for an important new government initiative, with a very short deadline, I had the good fortune to make my first call to Geoff at Solutions 4 Office Ltd.
Within days of my call, Geoff had visited the site, helped me plan and draw a bespoke unit perfectly suited to my needs, and delivered and fitted a pair of the finished products within 7 working days. This was essential for the project. To say that this was impressive customer service is an understatement! I highly recommend Solutions 4 Office without any reservation.”

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