Boardroom table style is resumed!

Solutions 4 Office have installed more boardroom tables and meeting room tables than any other office furniture item. How many, you ask? Probably in the hundreds!

In February 2020, we were approached by a London Bank to restore order to their boardrooms tables; namely the faded and damaged old wooden table tops.

Matt finish meeting room table in black
4 seater meeting room table with black matt finish

We provided a solution of new glass table tops laid directly over the old ones to minimise resource and risk of further damage. The result is fantastic, especially as both the matt and gloss finishes are finger print resistant.

Restored glass finish 6 person meeting room table completed by Solutions 4 Office for a London Bank
Gloss table top finish in black

Whether you require brand new meeting and boardroom tables for an office fit-out or want to restore adhoc meeting room tables – Solutions 4 Office can help.

When selecting a meeting room table, be it for the boardroom or otherwise, it’s worth bearing in mind these questions as the answers will undoubtedly steer your buying decision.

  • How many people should your boardroom tables accommodate?
  • Does it need connectivity?
  • Will the table be based in an open space or room?
  • Do your colleagues prefer sit-down meetings, or will you require a SitStand table?
  • What shape table would you like? Rectangle, circular, square, open “polo” round?
  • How quickly would you like the table? The faster you need it then the less options may be available. If you plan ahead then “the world is your oyster”

23/03/20: In relation to the current Coronavirus escalations, many of us are moving our meetings online. This article from Harvard Business Review shares some useful tips to ensure your meetings remain productive, and most importantly…not a bore-fest!

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