Back to work safely

Thinking of your back to work plan? Don’t forget about your reception desks and high footfall areas. Solutions 4 Office can make protective screens for any reception counter – regardless of shape or size.

Receptionists and security staff who occupy front of house spaces are highly vulnerable, so part of the “back to office” risk assessment should explain how to mitigate their exposure. Solutions 4 Office toughened glass screens are ideal and delivery timescales are currently 4 weeks.

Example front of house protection

What office screen is right for me?

Size: Our modular office screens are easy to configure and come in a choice of sizes and colours. In most cases, we can accommodate any size of office screen. Send us a photo of your office space which needs screening and we can advise on the most cost effective option.

Budget: Perspex or toughened glass? As all companies look to manage a successful “return to office” programme by deploying mitigating screens, there has been a rapid depletion on stocks of acrylic (Perspex, Plexiglas etc). The lead time on acrylic is now anything from 6-12 weeks and the supply chain is unreliable. However, toughened glass which is made in the UK has a shorter and reliable lead time between 3-5 weeks. The pricing difference between acrylic and toughened glass is now negligible therefore we are recommending toughened glass options. Glass is also 100% recyclable. Acrylic is recyclable but it requires specialist machinery which means that often, it goes to landfill.

Working from home? If you work from a larger home garden office or separate annex, where you are inviting colleagues to work as well, this is a workspace. It should be treated the same as a normal office and you may need mitigating screening to maintain the 1m+ rule. Ask us for advice and we can help.

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Our 30+ years of space planning and background in applied scientific principles means we are perfectly placed to help plan your return to office strategy. We are here to help, so drop us a note via the contact page and one of the team will be in touch with you.

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Our team of experts are ready to help you find the best solutions for your office.